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Port Klang (Malaysia)

turns out not on anyone's list of important or interesting places to visit...

So, after an overnight sail, we woke up to find ourselves in Malaysia. Parked in a prime spot on the quayside next to the cruise terminal, I guess we were right outside "downtown" Port Klang, though it was hard to tell, since there wasn't too much around except for some nice mangroves. Not a huge deal though, since we had already decided to hang around and check out the boat, instead of trying to find transportation for the hour and a half trip (each way) to Kuala Lumpur. Nice relaxing day,catching up on some reading and finding out more about the ship, which includes 4.5 different restaurants (the half is an outdoor grill area) and 4 bars, and another 3 outdoor bars (1 at each pool).
not too shabby, Aurora, well played...

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I'm on a boat!

intro to pirate life; step 1, get on a boat

Somehow managed to finish packing, run a bunch of errands, drop off, some post and cram a last lunch at Vivocity before getting on (the bus to drive across the country to get to) the boat! A bit anticlimactic being tied up at the shipping berths of Jurong West harbor, instead of the glamorous VivoCity harbor, but whatever. It was really interesting driving through the maze of containers and watching hundreds of cars being loaded up on the ship next door.

Anyway, welcome to the the MV Aurora, our new home for the next 35 days (hopefully, assuming we don't get lost or left behind). The ship is enormous, with 1850 passengers and 850 crew members. Unfortunately no big water slide into the pools, but i guess we'll survive.

Being interested in watching the ship pull away from the dock and finding the first buffet restaurant, we ended up skipping the scheduled sit down dinner. Despite the formal dinner being optional, we later found out we made a huge faux pas and violated an unwritten rule of cruising, which is to go to the first night dinner to at least meet the other couple. More on them later, in the meantime, enjoy!


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Last night in Singapore

1-Altitude, beautiful views (and people) and amazing friends

The best send off we could have asked for, and then some... and then some more. Thanks for making the effort on a school night.
Best Murtabak.... EVER...

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Packing sucks

so here's some photos instead

Packing and relocating countries is a miserable experience, so here's some highlights of the last few days in Singapore, including; walking around SG, concert in the botanical gardens, drinks at Red Dot, and brunch(s) with the Srini and Angshu, PLoughman's Lunch with Trav, and another brunch again including Yves and Kristine.
Enjoy them more than we do packing...

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Farewell Drinks to Singapore

Epic Ridiculousness at the Cosplay Bar in Boat Quay

Farewell drinks at the Cosplay Bar in Boat Quay.
We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the friends that came out to lift a pint or two (and more Yeager bombs than I have ever seen, courtesy of the best flatmates ever, Srini and Anshu). The support and love from all of our friends in Singapore was amazing, you are are AWESOME and we will miss you all (except you, terrible humidity, i wont miss you in the least).
Also, special thanks due to Travis for the SG shirts and those ambitious enough to continue on to KTV at Liang Court, you know who you are...


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Who are we and what are we doing?

For the people that have randomly stumbled across this page, dont know us or want some more information..

Background info;
Jeff (USA) and Simone (Swiss) lived for nearly 4 years in Singapore before deciding to leave their jobs, apartment and lives in Asia to spend more time with family and pursue different directions, ideally with a substantial amount of bumming around/traveling for a while in the meantime. This is our story of intentional homelessness, unemployment and the (hopefully) ensuing good times.

We've discovered that a 5 week cruise is the most cost effective (and more awesome) means of relocating ourselves and most of our clothes, crap, and electronics back to Europe, in addition to seeing a bunch of awesome places that we otherwise wouldn't have seen. Plus, we'll be on a boat, which is totally sweet.

and yes, Mom and those others concerned for our well-being, we did ensure the captain is not Italian, nor from Costa Cruises, so hopefully there wont be a need to abandon ship prematurely.


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